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The New Pollution: How Are Music Festivals Curbing Their Light & Sound Emissions in the UK?

Music festivals in the UK may promote eco-friendly attitudes however there is no doubt that the issue of waste and carbon emissions is a bit of a grey area. It is only natural for over 100,000 people to generate waste and combined with excessive light and noise, this can cause considerable impact on the land. Noise and light pollution are … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence: How Is Hearing Loss Effecting the iPod Generation?

                Music is (and always has been) a major part of British culture and festivals have now become a staple in the diet of any music aficionado. Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Latitude Festival have all come and gone for 2014 but there are still over two months of the British festival calendar … Continue reading

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The Big Debate: Could Thorium Save The World From Global Warming?

According to a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), over 80pc of the world’s energy supply is dominated by fossil fuels, which have led to a consortium of over 200 governments drawing up dramatic plans to cut global warming. The report also highlights that clean energy will have to treble in output and dominate world energy … Continue reading

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How Can The Growing Problem of E-Waste Be Solved?

In the twenty-first century, more than ever, electrical products infiltrate our everyday lives. According to research by Deloitte published in 2013, 7 in 10 people own a smartphone in the UK alone. Yet, with consumer culture constantly bombarding the public with adverts of something new, updated and better – it is not surprising that many of these devices which were … Continue reading

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“World leading” Siemens deal given new confidence for Hull and Humber region

    Over three years have passed since German based Siemens revealed that they had expressed a positive interest in staking the Hull and Humber region as a pioneer in wind farm technology and renewable energy. The global engineering firm set out their initial blueprints to build a leading offshore wind farm at Alexandra Dock in Hull, with an estimated … Continue reading

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In the Face of Fracking: Nuclear Fusion

News stories riddled with firm words about the controversies surrounding the process of fracking have recently been at the forefront of discussion in energy production circles. As a source of power it has come under large amounts of scrutiny due to its potential to pollute water supplies and cause earthquakes, and because of its perpetuation of the obsession with clinging … Continue reading

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Fracking – Is this the Future of UK Energy?

The shale gas and fracking revolution has this summer become a hot topic of conversation within the British politics and energy arenas. The prospect of potential long-term fracking has divided the nation causing protests with celebrity endorsements (Vivienne Westwood) and test drilling exploration in Balcombe. Opinions and accusations have being published which leaves the neutrals unsure who to believe. Its … Continue reading

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Google Goes Green: can’t find what you are searching for? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Google Goes Green: can’t find what you are searching for? The answer is blowing in the wind. Google have this month bought the entire output of a Swedish Wind Farm for the next ten years. The wind farm will power the company’s Finnish data centre with renewable energy for the next decade, Google’s fourth commitment of its type worldwide and … Continue reading

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How Does Thermal Imaging Technology Work?

The benefits of thermography or thermal imaging stretch into an enormous amount of industries. Pioneering technology has led to the vast development of thermal technology over the last ten years and it continues to be an essential part of our everyday life. From energy saving to saving lives; we can be certain that there is a wealth of important uses. … Continue reading

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How Energy Secure is the UK?

How Energy Secure is the UK? The modern world has developed in such a way that it simply cannot afford to cope without energy; it is now essential in maintaining the fuel to power the economic engine and provide national security. For example, within the UK, energy is delivered straight to the door, via gas pipes, electricity cables, or in … Continue reading