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Energy Monitors, Power Analysers

Hire a Range of Power Analysers Which Can Measure Reactive VA, Harmonic Distortion, Frequency, Power Factor & Phase Angles

Power quality and demand is analysed by power analysers which measure reactive VA, harmonic distortion, frequency, transients, brownouts, power factor & phase angles in single and three-phase systems. By using these measurement tools the engineer can cross reference the recorded value with the ideal and troubleshoot the problem, locate sources of harmonic distortion, optimize load balance over three phases, eliminate or reduce excessive neutral currents, earth leakage and reduce costs by identifying power wastage. 

The Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyser is amongst the most popular instruments, that can help calculate how much money a facility is losing due to waste energy. The Elcomponent SPC Pro is also a popular power logging unit, which is also one of the easiest to operate.

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