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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Camera Hire - browse our range of thermal imaging devices suitable for analysis of leaks, underfloor heating, building heat loss, thermal electrical inspections and for locating damp. 

Thermal cameras will allow you to analyse the amount of heat emitted from an area, which can help you to quickly diagnose a wide variety of common issues such as leaks, building inefficiencies, potential electrical maintenance problems and more. Infrared thermography works by forming a heat zone image using infrared radiation. 

Thermographic camera applications are becoming extremely diverse and widespread. Traditionally used for electrical inspection, companies now come to Inlec for thermal imaging camera hire for use in energy conservation, mechanical surveys, law enforcement, non-destructive testing and many other temperature surveying fields.

All of our handheld thermal cameras come fully calibrated. Price variations account for accuracy, temperature range and functionality. 

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