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Cable Fault Finding and Cable Tracing

Detect Faults, Accurately Pinpoint the Location of Cables and Effectively Trace Cables

We offer a range of products that can help engineers conduct regular maintenance of cables to help prevent damage, such as the degradation of the sheath which can, in turn, lead to faults.

Cable fault location can be performed by a number of methods such as time domain reflectometry, thumping and arc reflection. We have a range of quality equipment available to hire from top brands such as B2 High Voltage, SebaKMT & Baur.

Products such as the SebaKMT Teleflex SX Reflectometer use time domain reflectometry to locate faults on low and medium voltage networks, whilst the B2 HVA94 produces some of the highest VLF AC voltages available in order to test MV and Sub Transmission Class Cables. 

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