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Network Analyser, Network Testers and Fusion Splicer Hire

Hire Network Analysers, Network/WiFi Testers and Fusion Splicers From A Range of Leading Manufacturers Including Fluke, Exfo, Fujikura, Fitel & NetAlly

  • - Our range of equipment helps you diagnose problems across your network, test new installations & splice cables.
  • - Products in this range include Fusion Splicers, Network Analysers and Network Testers. 
  • - Our range of Network Testers includes products such as the Fluke DSX 8000 Cable Analyzer which is the world's first certified CAT8 field tester.
  • - The DSX 8000 can also test all copper cabling types that could be tested by the DSX5000 in addition to this new CAT8 functionality.

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