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High Voltage Test Equipment

Most electrical components are tested using high voltage testers. This is the basic capacity test for any electrical component. It is used instead of testing AC components with DC, which was found to wear out the component.

A high voltage, very low frequency test is used instead, which tests to a high capacity but with a low current and frequency (that doesn't wear out the components). We offer a range of high voltage test equipment from industry leading brands such as; High Voltage, Megger, Metrohm, Neumann Elektrotechnik and T&R Test Equipment offer this type of product. 

We also offer specialist products such as the T and R Test Equipment KV 50-100 High voltage Test Set which is unique due to its high power capability. In addition, products such as the B2 HVA90 are excellent solutions for VLF testing whilst remaining relatively lightweight and portable.